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What age can I drive until in Portugal?

By December 5, 2023December 12th, 2023No Comments

You must be at least 18 years old to drive, however some people question whether there is a maximum age limit for driving.

According to Postal newspaper, at the age of 17, some people start to get their driving license right away, but they can only get behind the wheel at the age of 18 in Portugal. From then on you will have to pay more attention because over the years you will be asked to renew your driving license successively, so that your ability to drive on the road is constantly assessed.

There is no defined maximum age for driving. However, you will have to renew you license taking into account the year in which you become qualified to drive. From the age of 70, you will have to renew your license ever two years, in addition to being required to present a medical certificate that will determine your fitness to drive.

Therefore, there is no age limit for driving and only the result of a medical certificate can prevent you from continuing to get behind the wheel. Those who drive, as an example, heavy goods vehicles must comply with different rules.

As stated in Decree-Law no. 40/2016, drivers of heavy vehicles can now drive until the day before they turn 67 years old. Even so, they can only drive up to the age limit if they maintain the necessary physical, mental and psychological fitness to drive.

It should be noted that it was only recently that truck drivers saw the maximum age for driving extended, as in the past they could only do so until the day before they turned 65 years old.