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Update On Gibraltar Water Supply Situation

By August 17, 2022No Comments

The Government was this morning briefed by the Strategic Coordinating Group on the latest position with regards to the levels of water in Gibraltar’s reservoirs. AquaGib have advised that stock levels have not grown over the weekend as had been anticipated due to significant increase in consumption compared to an average summer weekend.

As a result, AquaGib have advised that it would not be prudent to relax any restrictions on high consumers until such time as stock levels are sufficient and until the temporary additional Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant is fully operational. AquaGib expect the RO plant to be operational later today. The additional production from this plant will, in the first instance, allow AquaGib to produce greater amounts of water each day and therefore be in a position to start lifting restrictions on high consumers in the coming days.

In order to achieve adequate stock levels in as short a time as possible it is crucial that members of the public continue to cooperate and try to limit their use of potable water as far as possible. The importation of non-potable water will therefore continue with the public strongly urged to use this for any non-essential water usage such as gardening. Non-potable water bowsers will continue to remain in place at Morrisons car park and at the lower level of Mid Harbours Industrial Park.

The Government expects to issue an update following its next SCG meeting on Wednesday.