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UK cars being checked in Spain

By January 30, 2018September 11th, 2021No Comments

Officers on patrol in Spain are now able to check the legalities of UK registered vehicles through a portal provided by the DVLA.
This means that a vehicle registered in the UK and driving in Spain can be checked for validity of such things as MOT and tax and whether the vehicle satisfies the mandatory requirements.
The European Union agreed to share data with partner countries some years ago.  However, the UK government were reluctant to join this scheme and delayed their commitment to data sharing.  As a result, although many European vehicles can be checked, UK registered ones were left in something of a black hole.
Now, through the DVLA portal, the officers can check the details at the roadside and subsequently question the driver regarding any anomalies, which in turn can result in a fine and even the immediate seizure of the vehicle.
Foreign registered cars on the roads in Spain have always been a divisive subject, however the response to the ability of the Guardia Civil and police to clamp down on offenders has mostly been welcomed throughout the community.