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Two months notice for insurance cancellation in Spain

By September 19, 2014September 11th, 2021No Comments

Remember if you want to cancel an insurance policy with a Spanish insurer you must notify them in writing at least two months before the due date, otherwise the insurer will have the right to automatically renew the policy and take legal action against you to claim the unpaid renewal premium.  Please bear in mind that many Spanish insurers will not send you a renewal reminder or will do so when it is already too late to cancel.

Rest assured that this is not how we operate at Ibex.  There is no ‘automatic renewal’ and we always contact you in advance of the renewal date so that you are aware of the renewal premium.  This also  gives us the opportunity to review your needs for the coming year so that we can take account of any changes in your circumstances.  We always endeavour to ensure that you benefit from any discounts you are entitled to and that you receive a policy that is tailored to your needs and your pocket.