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Toll prices in Spain to increase from 1 January 2024 and these are the new prices for the roads in Malaga province

By December 18, 2023January 17th, 2024No Comments

During the high season, to travel along the Costa del Sol on the AP-7 between Malaga and Estepona in a car will cost 14.25€.

Toll roads throughout Spain will raise their rates by around 4% from 1 January 2024. A higher increase was possible as the charges are linked to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

However, at the last cabinet meeting the government held back from implementing the full increase of 8.4%, opting instead to approve a 4% increase.

In Malaga province, which includes the Costa del Sol, there are officially three toll motorways (although two of them actually operate as one): the AP-46 (Alto de las Pedrizas); the AP-7 (from Malaga city to Estepona) and the AP-7 (Estepona-Guadiaro).

According to the official rates, published by the ministry of Transport, the Malaga-Antequera motorway costs 3.70 euros for cars in the low season. The new price would be 3.85 euros. In the high season, it will go from 5.60 euros to 5.82 euros.

AP-7 on the Costa del Sol

In the case of the AP-7 between Malaga city and Estepona, the price range is greater, because it is longer and has several exit branches. The route most used by drivers on the Costa del Sol, the Malaga-Marbella stretch currently costs five euros for cars in the low season. After the increase, it will be 5.20 euros. If you want to get from Malaga to Estepona in the low season, it will go from the current 8.40 euros to 8.74 euros.

High season prices

During the high season, the toll to Marbella will go from the current 8.15 euros to 8.48 euros. And to travel from Malaga to Estepona, it will increase from the current 13.70 to 14.25 euros.

The third toll road in the province is the one that connects with Guadiaro, in Cadiz province. With the increase, the full journey will cost a total of 2.29 euros in winter (2.20 now). In summer, this will rise to 3.69 (3.55 at present).