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The top 10 worst drivers on the road by profession

By April 1, 2016September 11th, 2021No Comments

The list of supposed villains of the road seems never ending.

There is caricature of the “boy racer” surging down the road ignoring the speed limit; the “yummy mummy” applying her make-up at the wheel; the elderly hat-wearing lady going the wrong way up a one-way street and, of course, the classic “white van man” cutting across three lanes of traffic.

But new figures suggest that the group of motorists most worthy of the title of Britain’s worst drivers is none of the above – and, in all probability, includes those most likely to point the finger at others.

Based on analysis of accident claims figures for 2015, the insurer 1st Central has concluded that the drivers the rest of us would be best advised to give a wide berth to fit none of the stereotypes and are typically middle class, middle aged, professional and – in all likelihood – male.

Accountants top the league of shame with the highest number of claims by profession, responsible for 16,000 accident claims last year, according to the company, which used industry-wide data.

The findings suggest there could be some truth in the classic Monty Python sketch in which a chartered accountant reveals his wild side, wishing to cast off the humdrum of daily office life to become a lion tamer.

Other seemingly sober professions are not far behind, including solicitors – said to be responsible for 15,000 accident claims – as well as financial advisers and bank managers.

Worryingly for commuters, the list of top 10 most accident-prone professions also includes train drivers.

And those who believe one can always trust the medical profession might be best not to apply that logic to the roads. Doctors and pharmacists both make the list of most accident prone professions at the wheel.

Meanwhile those with a suspicion of van drivers might need to reassess their thinking. The top 10 least accident prone professions include painters and decorators, roofers, builders and carpet fitters.

Overall roofers emerge as the UK’s most cautious drivers – linked to just over 3,850 accidents last year – with farm workers just behind with fewer than 4,000 accidents.
“People often have preconceived ideas about how certain professions behave on the roads,” said Pete Creed, chief underwriting officer at 1st Central.

“Our data dispels a number of these myths, but it’s interesting to see that a number of professions we trust with our safety are actually the worst on the road.”

Top 10 worst drivers by profession, according to 1st Central:

1. Accountant

2. Solicitor

3. Doctor

4. Financial adviser

5. Letting agent

6. Airline cabin crew

7. Bank manager

8. IT manager

9. Pharmacist

10. Train driver

And the best:

1. Roofer

2. Farm worker

3. Builder

4. Lorry driver

5. Cleaner

6. Carpet fitter

7. Factory worker

8. Mechanic

9. Butcher

10. Painter and decorators

Source:- The Daily Telegraph