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The ‘Green Card’ will not be printed in green any more in Spain as from 1st April 2021

By April 27, 2020September 11th, 2021No Comments
After many years of working on the proposal initiated by Ofesauto, the ‘Consejo de Oficinas Nacionales’ (in charge of regulating the format and structure of the Green Card for the 48 countries that form part of it), finally agreed during their last General Meeting to allow this document to be generated in a pdf format so that it can be sent by email and printed in black and white and in just one side of an A4 paper. 

This is just one step forward so that checkups can be carried out internationally for any vehicle of any nationality digitally instead of physically. Right now, for countries that are not part of the European Union (the nearest to Spain would be Morocco), the paper document will still be necessary to confirm that a Spanish vehicle is insured. But at least, it will not be mandatory for the document to be printed in green any longer as there is no requirement that it has to be printed by the insurance company. For example, the policyholder will be able to print the document the same way as they print a Boarding Pass. 

In view of the above, Ofesauto, which is the entity responsible of issuing Green Cards in Spain, has considered that now is the moment to make available a web platform common to all insurance companies.