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The ‘Covid passport’ gains ground in Spain

By November 26, 2021No Comments

There are already six regions with judicial authorisation for the requirement of the vaccination document to access bars and restaurants.

The vaccination certificate is gradually gaining ground in Spain as one more tool to try to stop the growing wave of infections that is already being registered in the country, although without the virulence experienced in other European countries.

In the absence of a clear direction from the central government in Madrid with one ruling for all regions, it is the regions that want to implement the ‘Covid passport’ that have accelerated the process and are going to their regional courts of justice to seek their endorsement.

There are already six that have judicial authorisation for the implementation of the requirement of a vaccination document to allow access to certain places – mainly bars, restaurants and nightclubs. They are Galicia, Aragon, the Balearic Islands, Navarra and Catalonia, the latter also requesting this proof of vaccination in gyms and nursing homes. Murcia also asks for it but only for venues with a capacity of one hundred per cent.

By region

Andalucía (cumulative incidence per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days to 25 November: 82.7) President Juanma Moreno announced on Friday (26 November) his intention to request judicial permission to impose the measure.

Aragon (267.19) The ‘Covid passport’ is required for people who want to access nightlife venues, celebrations in hospitality establishments and mass events.

Asturias (105.81) At the moment, the Covid vaccination certificate is not required.

Balearic Islands (211.77) For discos and care homes. On Monday it will be decided if the certificate is required to access bars and restaurants and if they approve it, it will be the regional government that will have to request authorisation from its Superior Court of Justice.

Canary Islands (150.69) The region’s Superior Court will be requested to consider it on Monday for all activities subject to capacity and schedule restrictions.

Cantabria (119.92) It is not in force.

Castilla-La Mancha (92.07) It is not in force.

Castilla y León (187.94) It is not in force, but the regional government wants to implement it in hospitals and residences.

Catalonia (208.79) In force for bars, restaurants, gyms and nursing homes.

Valencian region (167.56) Authorisation has been requested from the region’s Superior Court to implement it in hospitality (places with a capacity of more than 50 people), nightlife and residences.

Extremadura (70.3)It is not in force.

Galicia (133.91) The Galician Superior Court has just approved it for bars and restaurants. It was already in force to access hospitals and discos.

La Rioja (170.36) It is not in force.

Madrid (122.07) Not in force

Murcia (171.18) The Superior Court of Justice of the region has endorsed requiring the Covid certificate to access places of celebrations that reach 100% of their capacity. Not required for bars and restaurants.

Navarra (462.34) The region’s top court has endorsed it to access restaurants with more than 60 diners, discos and mass events that are held in closed spaces.

Basque Country (350.96) It is not in force after being denied by the Supreme Court of the Basque Country. The Urkullu Government has appealed the decision.