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Speeding clamp down Portugal

By November 23, 2021No Comments

More than 8,400 drivers were found speeding during the road safety campaign “Travel without haste”, which involved the inspection of more than 1.4 million vehicles.

The campaign from November 19 to 22 and aimed to alert drivers to the risks of speeding, one of the main causes of road accidents.

During the campaign period, in mainland Portugal, there were a total of 1,318 accidents, resulting in four fatalities, 29 serious injuries and 392 minor injuries.

Compared to the same period of 2020, there were 282 more accidents, three fewer fatalities, six more serious injuries and 62 more minor injuries, according to ANSR.

In a statement, the ANSR states that, compared to the average of the last five years in this period (2016 to 2020), there were 934 more accidents, two less fatalities, four more serious injuries and 51 less light injuries.

According to the latest ANSR report, road accidents worsened in August, with an increase of 42.5% in fatalities and 9.1% in accidents compared to the same month in 2020.

The president of the National Road Safety Authority warned last weekend that the number of fatalities on the roads in Portugal, despite declining, is equivalent to “three planes crashing every year”.