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Spanish government bans the use of flavours and aromas in heated tobacco products

By January 17, 2024No Comments

Their regulation will be the same as that of conventional cigarettes, so products must include the same images and messages of high health risk that the packs carry.

The Spanish government is cracking down on the regulation of heated tobacco and classify the products just like traditional tobacco products, including cigarettes and rolling tobacco.

The government will impose the same restrictions on heated tobacco as for traditional cigarettes and will prohibit this type of tobacco from containing additional flavours or aromas. All heated tobacco products will also be required to include the same messages and warnings on their packaging about the serious health risk to users.

The new restrictions – which come into effect in three months – only affect heated tobacco, which should not be confused with electronic cigarettes or vapes, which are not affected by the regulation. The new law affects electronic devices that, unlike the classic cigarette, heat up (up to 400 degrees) but do not burn chopped or powdered tobacco.

The most widely marketed products in Spain are the Iqos and Glo brands. The Royal Decree does not affect vapes, which are based on heating liquids, although these devices often contain nicotine.

While the new restrictions will not apply to vaping devices, the Ministry of Health is working on a future broader legal reform with which it wants to extend the limits to all vaping products, whether they include nicotine or not.