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Scooter accidents increasing

By June 8, 2022No Comments

Portugal Public Security Police (PSP) have recorded 555 accidents involving scooters in the last five years, which led to 13 serious injuries and 441 minor injuries.

The PSP highlights that since 2018 there has been “an increase in the number of accidents, as well as an increase in severity”, with an exception in 2020, in which the number accidents involving scooters decreased due to lock down measures.

According to data from the police, in 2018 there were 29 accidents with scooters, a number that rose to 169 the following year, registering a decrease in 2020 (97), rising again to 290 in 2021 and this year there have already been 88.

However, these numbers do not reflect reality, since many of the accidents involve only scooters, without collision with other vehicles, and these cases are not reported to the PSP, Rosa Pita, vice president of Portuguese Road Prevention, told Lusa.