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Portuguese government approves plan to reduce road deaths by half

By April 24, 2017September 11th, 2021No Comments

The Portuguese government has approved the National Strategic Road Safety Plan (PENSE 2020), which includes 108 measures focused on reducing road deaths by half by 2020.
PENSE was approved on Wednesday in a cabinet meeting following a public consultation. It’s targets include reducing the number of road traffic accident deaths by 56% and serious injuries by 22% by 2020, compared to figures in 2010.
PENSE 2020’s strategic objectives include “improving management of road safety,” making users, infrastructure and vehicles “safer,” and “improving assistance to and support for victims.”
Following the public consultation two of the more controversial measures were dropped, which required cyclists to wear helmets and introduced obligatory training for drivers aged over 65 renewing their licence.

PENSE will introduce campaigns focused on motorcycle riders, raising awareness of risky behaviours, including failing to use protective gear and on car drivers, focused on their interactions with cyclists.

Source:- Portugal News