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Pedestrians in Spain risk a fine of up to 200 euros if they do any of these things

By January 29, 2024No Comments

Despite the acts being rarely penalised they are included in the country’s general traffic regulations.

Pedestrians can be fined 200 euros for using a road crossing in Spain while the light for people on foot is still red.

“A non-flashing red light, in the form of a stationary pedestrian, indicates to people that they should not start to cross the road,” the law states. However, despite it being an offence people are rarely fined for it.

Police do intervene, however, on occasions when pedestrians cross and cause an obvious risk to traffic or to themselves, such as crossing while using a mobile phone.

Spanish law also dictates how pedestrians should behave when walking on a road. It warns that pedestrians may be penalised if they do not walk on the left-hand side on the road or on roads outside of towns where there is no pavement. The aim is that pedestrians should always be able to see oncoming vehicles, otherwise they risk an 80-euro fine.

Pedestrians are also forbidden to walk on motorways or dual carriageways – again the penalty is 80 euros. Failure to cross at a pedestrian crossing and improperly crossing in the middle of a road or in poor visibility is also punishable. The same applies if it is done at a snail’s pace for no obvious reason. In this case it is also 80 euros.