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Operation “Smartphone, Smartdrive” in Portugal

By February 11, 2020September 11th, 2021No Comments

The National Republican Guard (GNR), from 11 to 17 February, will be increasing the inspection of the use of mobile phones while driving, with the objective of preventing road accidents and increasing the feeling of safety for road users.

Distracted driving is a risk factor that has been the subject of growing attention in road safety policies, so that the European Commission, in the Action Plan for this decade (2020-2030), highlighted distracted driving as one of the main risky behaviours for road safety, with 22 thousand drivers being charged in 2019 for misusing the mobile phone while driving.

Inspection actions will be directed to the roads where the accident rate is highest, with military personnel from territorial commands and the National Traffic Unit.

This operation takes place in parallel with the campaign of the National Road Safety Authority “Driving, do not use your mobile phone”, integrated in the National Inspection Plan, which aims to alert drivers to the risk of using the mobile phone while driving, namely distraction that its handling causes.

GNR recalls the negative impact of handling the mobile phone while driving, namely increased reaction time, poor evaluation of speeds, failure to maintain safety distances, poor positioning of the vehicle on the road, difficulty in interpreting the signs and failure to comply with the rules for giving way, particularly in relation to pedestrians.

Source:- Portugal News