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New vehicle registration numbers to start in March

By January 23, 2020September 11th, 2021No Comments

The current vehicle registration numbers format in Portugal is expected to end by the end of February, starting a new series with two groups of two letters with two digits in the middle, which will last for about 45 years, the Institute for Mobility and Transport (IMT) reported.

In a statement, IMT said that about 60,220 registrations were still available to be assigned at the beginning of this year of the current model of registration numbers, consisting of two two-digit groups and a two-letter group (00-AA-00).

“This model, of which 5,109,263 registrations have been reserved since 25 May 2005, is expected to be exhausted by the end of next February, the institute said, adding that the new series of registrations (with the AA-00-AA model) will have a foreseeable use of about 45 years”.

According to IMT, with the new format of registration number, a new type of registration plate will also be used for most vehicles, without including the year and month of the first registration of the vehicle, and in all models, the separator features of groups of characters will also be eliminated, maintaining, however, a spacing between the group of characters.

Regarding registration plates for motorcycles, by analogy with car registration plates, an area in blue is introduced with the inscription of the symbol of the European Union and the distinctive symbol of the country in which it is registered (letter “P”), thus avoiding the need to affix an additional element with the latter information for driving outside national territory.

The IMT made it clear that the registration plates of the current and previous series remain valid, and that in the event of replacement of the registration plate, vehicle owners may choose to affix registration plates of the models of the new series or the type of registration plate in force on the date of registration of the vehicle on Portuguese territory.

It is intended to harmonise the types of registration plates of mopeds and motorcycles with those of other vehicles as regards the inclusion of the distinguishing sign of the Member State of registration provided for in Council Regulation (EC) No 2411/98 of 3 November 1998, facilitating the international movement of such vehicles.

As the text of the law stated, the reference to the year and month of registration in the current registrations issued in Portugal is unique in the European Union, and only in Italy is it possible to indicate the year of registration.

Source:- Portugal News