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New DGT winter fines can cost drivers €800

By November 19, 2021No Comments

The only element of the vehicle that is in contact with the road is the tyre, a fundamental piece that provides safety to the driver in the event of bad weather, rain, ice, snow or simply when changing lanes. It is not very common to constantly check their condition and poor condition of tyres has been implicated many times in traffic accidents. For this reason, the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT), pays special attention to the condition of the tyres on all vehicles, drivers can get a fine up to €800, if the requirements are not met – plus visit to the garage to make the necessary changes which can cost about €400-.

To increase safety when driving, the DGT has developed a tire control and surveillance campaign in some cities, thus ensuring that drivers will be prepared and will not pose a danger on the road in the most adverse weather conditions that are approaching with winter.

The main focus will be the condition of the tyres, wear and tear with a €200 fine per tyre, axle differences between the tyres with a €150 fine and for unapproved tyres a fine ranging from €90 to €120.

The tires are constantly in contact with the asphalt and tend to wear out faster than expected. The rubber has to be at least 1.6 millimeters, if it is with a smaller measure it can be a reason for a fine. Not checking them and driving with worn tires is considered a serious offense and could be fined up to €200 for each tyre.

If there is any deformation, irregularity, cracks or bulges that make driving difficult, it will be sanctioned with a fine of €200 per tire.

The alignment and the axis between the same elements is very important, as otherwise, it would cause an irregular wear between them and will decrease their braking grip. This reason will imply a fine of €150 for each tyre.

Finally, and the most common sanction, is not having the approved tires. Many drivers tend to buy them for their cheaper prices, an error that can result in a fine of between €90 and €120.