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New car document arrives in Portugal

By August 2, 2019September 11th, 2021No Comments

‚ÄčAll new registration cars delivered from today (1/8) onwards are to have a new Single Car Document (DUA) in a simple format that is more “resistant and safe,” the justice ministry said.

The new DUA, which looks like a citizen’s card, will first apply to new registrations, and in 2020 to all cars.

The ministry said the DUA was easier to handle and store in the wallet” and therefore less likely to be left in the vehicle exposed to possible theft.The DUA uses enhanced security features and incorporates an innovative and secure machine-readable element: the ‘UniQode’ code.
The “DUA in the Wallet” is a measure aimed at simplifying the information content available in the document and gathering data on the characteristics of the vehicle and its owner.
In 2018, 1,911,721 cars were registered and it is expected that around 200,000 new DUA will be issued during the pilot project that runs until 31 December.
Source:- Portugal News