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Imported foreign vehicles soar in Portugal

By February 16, 2023No Comments

The import of used passenger cars accounted for 67.1% of total registrations in Portugal in 2022, according to data presented by the Automobile Association of Portugal (ACAP).

According to ACAP’s annual balance sheet, in 2022 104,908 passenger cars were registered that “already had a registration in another state”, detailed the association’s secretary general, Helder Pedro.

“Portugal has always been a market that had a great penetration of used imported vehicles, but it rose exponentially”, added the ACAP official.

Helder Pedro attributed this rise to the semiconductor crisis, which caused a shortage of used vehicles in the Portuguese market.

“Naturally, the channels of free movement in the European Union led to this importation of vehicles in 2022”, he said, adding that the average age of registered cars was seven years.


“The first concern we have is environmental. If a car that is coming in is seven years old, no matter where it comes from, it is increasing emissions in the country. Our first concern is that we have an old fleet, which is polluting, and which we have to renew”, noted Pablo Puey from ACAP.

Puey, also director of operations in Portugal for the PSA group, also showed reservations about the impact of imports on the car trade.

“A market of 180,000 that has 100,000 used imported cars is a big concern,” he stressed.

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