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Guardia Civil in Spain clarifies whether or not it is allowed to drive wearing flip-flops

By July 19, 2023August 10th, 2023No Comments

This is what the law says about whether it is allowed to drive with flip-flops, a question asked by many motorists every summer

A recurring question every summer among drivers in Spain is whether it is against the law to drive a vehicle in flip-flops.

Article 17 of the country’s General Traffic Regulations state that “drivers must be in a position to control their vehicles at all times”. Here lies the dilemma of what footwear is better to drive with, and whether you can control the vehicle with flip-flops.

Legally, as driving with flip-flops is not forbidden, each motorist will be held responsible for driving with the type of shoe that they believe will comply with the safety regulations – choosing the one that allows them the maximum control of the car.

It is not forbidden but…

“It is not specifically forbidden to drive with flip-flops, but you can be penalised for not being able to maintain freedom of movement to control the pedals well,” the Guardia Civil pointed out.

Driving with flip-flops, considering that these are not fully adjustable to the foot and can slip off easily, could rseult in you being hit with a fine.

It could range from 80 to 200 euros, depending on how serious the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) considers the offence to be. It may also result in losing three points from the driver’s license.