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Environmental stickers mandatory in Madrid

By May 13, 2019September 11th, 2021No Comments

The city of Madrid has activated new traffic restrictions aimed at reducing the current high levels of air pollution in the Spanish capital.
Hence from last 24th April, all vehicles with no environmental sticker are not allowed to circulate within the perimeter of the M-30 ring road or on the beltway itself.

Police checks are in place to prevent vehicles without the right environmental sticker from entering the city center.

These stickers are issued by the Spanish traffic authority DGT, and the ones allowing access to central Madrid are those classified as;

0 (i.e. electric cars with zero emissions)
ECO (non-pluggable hybrid vehicles)
C (diesel vehicles registered from 2014 and petrol vehicles registered after 2006)
B (diesel vehicles registered between 2006 and 2014 and petrol vehicles registered after 2000 but before 2006)

Older vehicles – those manufactured prior to the year 2000 in the case of gasoline and 2006 for diesel – are not eligible for such stickers, meaning they are permanently prohibited from entering the Madrid Central area.

If you want to check your vehicle please click here.
They are available at Correos post offices for €5 upon presentation of the vehicle’s documentation.

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