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DGT: Senior Driver’s Licence Renewals in Spain

By December 12, 2023No Comments

The DGT’s rules on senior driver’s renewal of their licences has been amended.

For many, driving a car is an essential part of everyday life, it’s hard to imagine life without one.
Previously, until the age of 45, licenses were valid for 10 years, followed by five-year renewals until the age of 70.

As of 2023, in Spain, driver’s license renewal protocols have evolved. Now, ‘Class B’ licenses, which cover cars and motorcycles, require renewal every 10 years until reaching 65. Between the ages of 65 to 70, the licence will now need to be renewed every five years. Drivers who are 70 and older must renew their licences every two years.

This change aims to ensure senior drivers maintain adequate driving capabilities, with more frequent medical check-ups for enhanced road safety.