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Cross Frontier Group Expresses Concern At Progress Of Negotiations

By November 15, 2021No Comments

The Cross Frontier Group has changed its Office bearers and expressed concern about the progress of the negotiations.

In a meeting held yesterday by the Cross Frontier Group, María del Mar Sanchez took on the Presidency, Julian Risso the Vice Presidency and Manuel Triano the role of Secretary. The organizations that make up the Cross Frontier Group also shared their concern about the negotiations of the post Brexit Agreement.

A statement continued: “During the course of the meeting held by the trade union and business organizations that make up the Cross Frontier Group, the annual rotation of office bearers was ratified in accordance with the organization’s code of conduct.

“The Presidency and Spanish spokesperson lies with the Confederacion de Empresarios de Cadiz, represented by Maria del Mar Sanchez. The Vice- Presidency and Gibraltar spokesperson has been assigned to the GGCA, represented by Julian Risso, whilst Comisiones Obreras (CCOO), represented by Manuel Triano, assumes the role of Secretary.

“Additionally, the organizations that compose the Cross Frontier Group accepted the application of the La Linea business organization, AADELL, to join the group as a full member.

“On other matters, the trade union and business organizations that compose the Group were unanimous in expressing their concern regarding the progress in the negotiations in reaching a final agreement that will set out the framework that will govern the post Brexit relationship in respect of Gibraltar.

“In this regard, the socioeconomic representatives from both sides of the frontier appealed to the parties that they facilitate an agreement that responds to the needs, aspirations and concerns of the citizens and businesses in the area.

It was agreed at the meeting that a letter would be drafted and addressed to all the parties in the negotiation process; the European Union, the British Government, the Government of Spain and the Government of Gibraltar, which conveys the position and concerns of the Cross Frontier Group and which urges them to reach a satisfactory Agreement.”