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Countries revise COVID measures to try to contain spread of Omicron variant

By November 30, 2021No Comments

With news of this latest variant of concern, countries around the world are introducing new measures to try and contain the spread of Omicron.

Many of these measures centre on travel, testing, and proof of vaccination – as well as mask-wearing and social distancing.

Portugal, the country with the highest vaccination rate in Europe – now requires all arrivals to produce a negative test result. It has also introduced hefty fines for airlines. They could be fined up to €20,000 euros for every passenger they fail to check.

Vaccine certificates will be obligatory for entry into hotels, restaurants, gyms, and cultural events. Mask wearing is now required for all indoor spaces.

Portugal is planning a containment week. Starting January 2nd, people will have to work from home, school holidays will be extended and hospitality will be closed.

From Monday, Morocco has halted all incoming air travel from around the world in an attempt to prevent the Omicron variant from entering. The Moroccan government says the measures will remain in effect for at least two weeks.

Israel on Saturday said it would ban the entry of all foreigners, effectively shutting its borders to all international travellers. The measure which is yet to be approved, will last at least two weeks.

As omicron cases continue to appear, governments across the world today, continue to review their Covid measures and draw up a response to contain the new Omicron variant.