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Charging is becoming more expensive than traditional fuel

By November 4, 2021November 5th, 2021No Comments

Electric car drivers are being increasingly shocked by charging bills, with more and more situations of electric vehicle drivers paying more than double than at traditional gas stations, more than half of which is for ‘fees’.

When you charge an electric car, operators charge two values : the energy supplied per kilowatt hour and the time it takes the car to get charged. Cost depends on time taken, place, the charger and the electric car used. Anyone who is less aware of these differences may be in for a surprise!

Portuguese News channel SIC asked some of the operators responsible for top-ups in Portugal – EDP, GALP and Ionity – to explain the prices charged and the fees charged.

EDP Comercial is so far the only one to respond. They said that the values ​​vary depending on the type of loading, normal or fast, and the place where it is done. EDP clarify that their prices are in line with those of other European markets and that compared to diesel and gasoline, they continue to be more competitive.

It is therefore important that drivers are well aware of their electric vehicle’s needs so as not to be surprised with high bills. For now, the most affordable option is to charge at home.