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Changes to Traffic Laws in 2018 – Change to the Penalty Points System

By February 14, 2018September 11th, 2021No Comments

During 2017 a number of changes have been proposed and announced by the DGT, which will affect all drivers on Spain ́s roads.

With the main objective of reducing road traffic incidents and, reducing the risk of serious injury or death, many of the changes are already prepared and will start to come into force from the end of January.
One of these changes is the Change to the Penalty Points System.

The implementation of the penalty points system was recognised as one of the most effective measures in improving road safety. In Spain, points are awarded with the licence, then withdrawn in the event of an infraction, with the ability to increase the number of points awarded for good driving behaviour over time.

Despite the success, the DGT believes that the system needs to be updated and reconsidered so that it remains as effective as it has been up to now. To do this, the catalogue of infractions which cause point loss will be reviewed. Furthermore, the plan will include the automatic loss of the licence if all points are lost, since “it is indicative that the offender lacks the proper characteristics to drive a vehicle.”

The courses for obtaining points will also be reviewed and it is planned to create a virtual card so that all members of the European Union will be sanctioned if they commit infractions in Spain.

Source: N332