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Buying a 2nd hand vehicle in Spain

By April 3, 2018September 11th, 2021No Comments

Do you want to buy a second hand vehicle?
Did you know you can get for just 8 euros the Vehicle Report from dgt website? Where you can find how many owners the vehicle had, if the last ITV test was ok, or even if it has any debt or is untaxed.

Remember that if the vehicle has an embargo you will not be able to transfer into your name. Don´t trust on vehicles with the prices lower than the rest of the same category, may be they have some hidden problems.
Please get the vehicle report and never ever send any money to the buyer through internet without seeing the car, there are many scams about it.
Here you have the document to print, fill in and take to the Traffic Office and get it in person;…/modelos-solicitud/01/Mod.01-ES.pdf
On this link, you can get it online using a digital certificate, and you can read about the different type of reports you can ask for…/tra…/tu-coche/informe-de-vehiculo/