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‘Black Box’ in cars to become mandatory from June

By February 2, 2024February 12th, 2024No Comments

From June 2024, passenger cars will be required to be equipped with a “black box” similar to those used in aviation. The Event Data Recorder (EDR) becomes mandatory for all new vehicles on sale in the European Union, as established by European regulations that come into force this month.

Although the basic regulation has already been in force since July 6th, 2022 for new vehicles in development, the obligation will be extended to all passenger cars and commercial passenger vehicles on sale in the European Union from June 7th, 2024. The EDR installation is exclusive to new cars.

The Event Data Recorder, or black box, is one of eight mandatory safety systems included on vehicles and its function is to record crucial data in the 5 seconds before an accident and in the 0.03 seconds after. The information collected, anonymous in nature, will only be stored in specific circumstances, helping to determine the causes and responsibilities in the event of an accident.

Typically integrated into the airbag control unit, the EDR is the size of a small portable battery and activates automatically when the airbags and seat belt tensioners come into play. It does not record images or audio, focusing exclusively on data related to driving. Among the variables monitored are speed, accelerator pressure, engine speed, turning angle, brake action, airbag activation, among others.

This measure aims to reinforce road safety and provide a more detailed analysis in cases of accidents, contributing to safer and more responsible driving.