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And Portugal’s most dangerous road is……….

By July 31, 2019September 11th, 2021No Comments

Portugal ‘most dangerous road’ is not the EN125 – despite what Algarvians may think.

There are far more scary thoroughfares, most of them in the Lisbon area – the absolute worst of which, connecting the capital with Sintra, is the IC19, where weaving between lanes at high speed is the daily norm.

According to the latest report compiled by road safety authority ANSR, there are three further highways around Lisbon ranking among the five most dangerous: the EN10, connecting Vila Franca de Xira with the ‘Margem Sul’ all the way to Setúbal, the A2 motorway (leading to the Algarve) and the A5 – the alternative motorway many people take to try and avoid the IC19 (running between Lisbon and Cascais).

The IC19 has ‘nine blackspots’ with around a 200-metre extension where there are at least five accidents ‘with victims’ per year, says the report.

On the wider sphere, the country has 60 accident blackspot, 10 more than it did last year, says ANSR’s report which explains that last year saw more than 34,000 accidents ‘with victims’.

Of those accidents, 508 people died at the scene or on the way to hospital and there were 2,141 serious injuries (both these totals represent a slight decline in numbers for 2017).

And as for the 5th ‘most dangerous road’, it is ‘up north’ in Porto: the A20.

In other words, the Algarve’s EN125 ‘road of death’ doesn’t figure. Nor does the Alentejan ‘road of blood and death’, a particularly nasty strip of the IC1

The EN125 however does have two ‘recognised accident blackspots’, though media reports have neglected to identify either of them.