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Almost 17,500 parking tickets issued last year in Gibraltar

By December 13, 2021No Comments

More than 15,000 have been issued this year, bar December.

17,444 parking tickets were issued in 2020 with the figure especially surprising given the lockdowns twice last year, and a high number of people working from home.

From January to November 2021, 15,253 were issued, meaning we could very well be on track to reach the same level of tickets as last year.

GBC has asked the Government if there is a quota on how many parking tickets need to issued yearly, but it hasn’t got back to us.

From January to July this year tickets issued per month were around 1000.

Then in August this practically doubled, going from 1068 to 2031.

This was the month after the budget, where a deficit of £158m was announced.

Since August, tickets issued per month have ranged from 1805 to 2171 per month.

Although a new number plate recognition system, to scout out cars parking without permits was announced in late October, this has not contributed to tickets collected as it is not in use yet.

The Government told GBC that this, as well as a parking guidance app, payment app and payment by QR code service are expected to come into use in the first quarter of 2022.